Aliexpress affiliate program – does any have experience?

And success with Aliexpress affiliate program?
Also, why choose Amazon affiliate program instead of Aliexpress one?
Amazon bigger brand and trusted. A lot of people already have accounts on the site and delivery is good so conversions are higher i tried both and ebay nothing converts like amazon shame i got banned
Also, why choose Amazon affiliate program instead of Aliexpress one?? i want to know please.
There was a thread a here on bhw with aliexpress affiliate program.
But they guy was promoting replicas in facebook grouos whichbhe have owned. And he made a killing with that. I know several people who are still doing this. But they have fb groups with 20k,30k even 50k members.
Ofcourse there are also other ways how to make money woth aliexpress affiliate program
If you are asking if it is legit or not. It is definetly legit program.
Choose Amazon over AliExpress affiliate. Amazon is trustworthy, its affiliate program was launched long ago, so they are much more established and experienced. But a good idea would be to split test both, as it depends on where your traffic comes from or where you want to target.

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