Help, How to gain traffic for sexy girls pictures website ?

I’m a newbie in this
I have a website with sexy girls ass and videos It’s not porn it’s not naked girls also Facebook Fan page 19k followers Instagram 9k followers and I’m building new Instagram and Twitter.
So how can I get more traffic? My traffic is only from Instagram and Facebook story I’m getting very low traffic 50-150views a day
What will be the best way to monetize? I monetized with CrackRevenue
I don’t know anything about SEO what to do? the website is only for pictures and videos no text
Any ideas on how to improve?
I can send you my site in PM
Look for top Indian movies on YouTube, make sure to comment with a good looking female profile,
Let us know the outcome
Reddit is probably your best bet to build up a porn following.
Try reddit.

Join subreddits related to your niche and post your website url there
Yeah definitely try reddit. Just keep posting photos from your site on diffirent subreddits. If they let you directly post to your site do that if not post the photo and comment on the post with a link to your site.
Let me have a look at your site, give you some monetization options.
can send me links of ig twiter and website on PM?
PM Send
Try reddit, and also try with tinder.
Send me the website.
Just don’t spam Reddit.
Make 2 accounts on Reddit (or buy old accounts), join all the subreddit according to your content.
Make sure to read the subreddit rules before posting.
So you have a website which posts sexy girl’s ass, right?
Create an album so that you have more than one pic of the same girl.
Now post one of the pic on Reddit, then open your other account, and comment the link to your website on your post saying “here are other pics of this girl for anyone wondering”, “source” or anything that you think will work.

There are so many things to take care of before posting, here are few:

Redditors and Reddit both prefer old accounts and karma, you can buy old accounts easily, and subs like pics, funny, video, and aww can help you in getting karma.
There is a certain time in which chances of your post getting picked up are more, the time at which a subreddit is most active, there are some websites which can tell you that, you can get to know by doing a simple google search.
You can also buy few upvotes for your post in the beginning so that it ranks in tops post, and you can upvote your comment too so that it stays at top of the post.
In the end, content is king.
Mind sharing the website.
Hope it helps.

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