My experience with ASO

The people aren’t discussing much about ASO, so i decide to share my personal experience, and maybe, have other people sharing their experience.

I heard about ASO a couple months ago.
I have a google play developer acc 4 years old or so. During this period, i had some apps published. Some of it, were doing pretty good, and make me some money … 2/3 years ago i was making like 300/400 euros a month, for some of you it’s really nothing, but for me, making this money was something. After some time, my apps start to die and i decide to unpublish them.

I start again like one year ago, hoping to make some money. I had a pretty good start, and my apps were getting some attention. That was very good, because i have to mention, i wasn’t doing anything, just publishing them.
Then, a couple months ago, i heard about “ASO”, so i think, oh, ok, so i should pay more attention to my title, my short description and description. So i start modifying them, because, sure, i was hoping to get more attention. The things doesn’t went so good, and, instead of achieving more downs to my apps, i “achieved” exactly the opposite. I saw my apps losing positions in google play in just some days.

What i was doing wrong ? I really don’t know, maybe i made some spammy descriptions, it’s possible, but checking the top app descriptions, i saw that they have some spammy descriptions too, with keywords repeating 15/20/30 times.

So, i start looking for some answers and i found BHW. So here i am, sharing with you my experience and hoping that someone, has more experience and wants to give me some tips about this.

Thank you in advice.

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