Pay All your expenses with a reward credit card

this a great method to make more money in your business or even personal life.

i use my “credit cards” to pay every single expense i have travel reward credit cards because i enjoy to travel

but you can get : cash back cards( capital one the best) or travel (amex platinium or chase the best)

this is for only responsible established people that can pay their bills on time.

treat the reward credit card like you would cash, checks & debit card.

Spend everything on it you do on a daily basis and when your statement is due pay the whole thing off.

when you pay the whole thing off you dont accumulate any debt and you get rewarded i know so many business owners who are stuck in their old ways and have lots of money and still only write checks or cash.

so im talking about all your expenses

that sprite can , bills , gas , insurance internet and especially business expenses because typically businesses spend more

some of you might already be doing this but some of you may not

at end year i usually have enough reward points to book 6-8 flights freee
I use Amex British airways edition – it accumulates me travel points. Works very well.

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