Reddit account value?

I want to start selling reddit accounts but I’m not sure how to opric them?

I know that for IG accounts it sround $8-12 per 1k followers (depending on the engagement)

But how much should i sell per 1k karma?
Maybe check out the market place and see how much people are selling theirs at and go from there?
I mean, if you can afford to price them lower while maintaining the quality of the accounts, I’m sure you’d have plenty of people flocking over to your BST. Question is, can you sustain it? Refunds…account replacements..proxies…etcetc. If the majority of sellers price it within that range. There has got to be a reason.
I saw an account online which was having 50k+ karma + 6 years old, for a very cheap price ( under $100 ).
I bought one with 3000 karma for 16 $ and one with 6000 for 13 on the marketplace from different sellers, both are still alive after a few months.

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