Should I start over with SEO?

Hi, Everyone!

I’m a new guy here who doesn’t have enough money to start running online casino ppc ads on search engines now even though I know exactly how to pass the review and have experience in running these kind of cloaked ads.

I’m now thinking about working at 9 to 6 job to collect some amount of money to invest this affiliate campaigns.

What I want to ask is, should I go with another job and start over with ppc ads again or is it worthy to try white hat seo? How long it will take approximately for me to learn 80% of the process at least? And what should be my estimations?

Thanks in advance for your replies, mates!
IMO you should get 9 to 5 job and in your free time work on your website. You can spend money on ads and meanwhile work on SEO.
I would advise you to learn 100% White Hat SEO. It is the less-risky choice long-term, so I would argue that this fact alone makes it the best choice.
But since you say you’ve already done PPC in the past, well if you had good results just go for it
So he must be in the wrong forum then.

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